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Salmon Annie grew up set-netting in Alaska on the west side of Kodiak. Later she commercially fished in Cook Inlet, both drift gillnetting and set-netting. All her summer jobs were fishing. As a kid, she didn’t even realize you could


Salmon Annie’s Fishing Adventures 230 Kachemak St Seldovia, AK 99663 We’re at the Seldovia Bridge!  

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Join us commercial salmon set-netting in Seldovia Bay! We offer our guests the authentic experience of a real Alaskan deckhand working with our set-netting operation. After you purchase a commercial fishing license you’ll have the opportunity to pick salmon out

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This is a great way for folks to experience a unique ALASKAN commercial salmon fishery, in a beautiful setting with a family that is salt of the earth. It will definitely be a memory maker! You'll also gain a greater appreciation for what it takes to get that delicious WILD salmon on the table. -Bernadette Arsenault