Each May the buoys and lines (rope) that mark our nets for the fishing season must be married together with the short, hard-working down-lines that have kept track of our anchors all winter.  Thankfully, we found all six locations.  All beach anchors were found.  Of course, we’ll make adjustments to the gear, but that is the fun of making a net fish well.

Buoys, awake!

One thought on “Buoys, awake!

  • June 26, 2016 at 4:52 am

    What a great time meeting & commercial fishing with Annie & her husband in Seldovia! It was such a thrill to be on the fish net line in the Bay and see the salmon hit the net and then pull the fish in the boat. When we got back to the dock, I had the wonderful opportunity to fillet my first salmon right there on the dock and then, of course, cook it up for dinner that night. This was an experience of a lifetime that I will treasure forever!

    Thanks Annie for sharing your commercial fishing life & the beauty all around Seldovia with me.

    Jacksonville, Florida


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