My mother is famous in our family for this photo of her in the ’70s (left).  She is making this (suspected) 70 pound king salmon appear like an easy lift.  That is one of the goals while lifting one: try to make it appear effortless.  Others?  Make sure the photographer is ready before you lift.

It was not until this summer that I understood it is the sheer joy of beholding a fish this size that makes it lighter to lift.

Today I am reflecting on the 2017 year. My favorite moment?  You guessed it.  Being with this 52 lb. beauty, caught on Independence Day.  She was sold to two wonderful, young families the same day and filleted that evening.

I have two sisters.  One had a baby this year.  The other got married.  Reflecting, one of them said they were pretty sure this king and this photo were still the family’s proudest moment of 2017.  I wanted to deny it, but knew I couldn’t — this could only be true in a fishing family!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

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