I remember a point where I felt like other kids had summer chores, but I had CHORES. I didn’t just spend time on a boat. I LIVED on a boat in the summers. Ha! It is funny to hear my junior high self bemoan my situation before I realized just how awesome it all was.

I now feel so nostalgic when I see pictures of the Breezy, our drift gill net boat. I mostly remember dicing up whole cantaloupe between my stepdad, David Horne, and I. I remember the call names on the radio: Grumpy, Flyin’ Man, and Snoopy. I felt like I was part of a cool club, complete with secret names and channels on the VHF radio. lassoed buoys with a grappling hook and enjoyed the three of watching salmon “hit” the net and splash up on the other side.

Growing up a fisher-girl

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