KSCN0032Salmon Annie grew up set-netting in Alaska on the west side of Kodiak. Later she commercially fished in Cook Inlet, both drift gillnetting and set-netting. All her summer jobs were fishing. As a kid, she didn’t even realize you could spend time doing anything else. Her family fished. She was a deckhand. That’s all she knew.

Now that Annie is a mom of two young kids, she is pleased to give her kids the same experience she had growing up. Annie and her husband, Shad, love Alaska, her waters, fish, and the challenge of making a net fish well.

Salmon Annie began offering guided commercial fishing trips in order to give others the opportunity to experience their family’s lifestyle.

“We get away from our busy daily lives going in different directions and come to this beautiful place to be together as a family. All of us work towards a common goal….CATCHING FISH!” – Salmon Annie

We are grateful for the active, healthy lifestyle that commercial fishing provides. We feel blessed to have a life connected to nature where we spend so much time outdoors moving our bodies. For Salmon Annie, that lifestyle has been a saving grace for which she is forever grateful to God and so happy to be able to share.