The Seldovia Slough

One of most beautiful fishing towns in southcentral Alaska, Seldovia is located across Kachemak Bay from Homer. 240 miles SW of Anchorage and surrounded by the Kenai Mountains, fjords and glaciers, Seldovia is not accessible by road.

Seldovia Bay is a very protected bay, surrounded by mountains reaching to over 3,000ft in elevation.

Incorproated in 1945, Seldovia was a booming town before a road reached the town of Homer. Seldovia was full of busy canneries, a working harbor, and a hospital. The opening of the road to Homer, in addition to the damage sustained in the 1964 earthquake, led to Seldovia becoming more of the sleepy (or not so sleepy, depending on the season) town that it is today. Seldovia is now home to 316 year-round residents.

Getting Here

Despite being off the road system there are many options for getting to Seldovia daily. By water, try the Seldovia Bay Ferry, twice daily service Thursdays – Mondays. By air, Smokey Bay Air and Homer Air both offer regularly scheduled flights.