Salmon Set-netting

$150 + $30 Alaska Commercial Crewmember License

Trips are about 4-6 hours– usually mid-late morning to early afternoon, depending on your schedule.

Includes a boxed lunch, a tour of the bay, commercial salmon set-netting and a filet to take home (to BBQ yourself or have cooked at Seldovia’s own Linwood Bar and Grill or Captain Pattie’s on the Homer Spit).

We fish every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during two months of the salmon season — June 1st through the first week of August.

We customize each trip just for you. Our fishing schedule and guided trips vary due to the weather and tides. We also work around your schedule and what you’d like to do – fish more, filet more or just tie off to one of the net’s buoys and wait for a fish to “hit” the net!

Please contact us for group rates for parties of 6 or more.  All children (13 years or younger) must be accompanied by an adult.

Reservations are complete upon receipt of payment AND a confirmation from Salmon Annie’s on the availability of your chosen dates.

Guided Commercial Fishing Trip Reservations

Size of Party